Working within today’s economic climate, DRE is willing to provide community banks and financial institutions with our broad based investment and real estate services. DRE works with community banks, asset management companies and hedge funds on distressed assets. In addition, DRE has been approved as COURT APPOINTED RECEIVER. We provide the hands on professional real estate services necessary to handle non performing assets; we recognize the urgent need to address and stabilize these assets in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our expertise lies in our ability to act quickly and prudently by providing the necessary financial analysis, along with the construction and renovation experience needed to stabilize these assets. With the implementation of our management services and our maintenance/capital improvement recommendations, you will be able to mitigate any future deterioration of the existing improvements and minimize the devaluation of these assets. Our ultimate objective is to stabilize the asset for the client and permit them to focus on disposition objectives. With its unique resources and talent, DRE is positioned to be YOUR OUTSOURCE PARTNER FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS; from an urban two family condominium conversion to large office and retail shopping centers.

Our services include:

  • Construction management of partially completed projects, with DRE providing the necessary capital to acquire the asset upon completion
  • Property rehabilitation and stabilization
  • Asset evaluation and repositioning
  • Negotiating and expediting the approval and permitting process
  • Property acquisition and disposition strategies
  • Loss mitigation and maximization of profit potential
  • Pre-foreclosure stabilization
  • DRE has a strategic relationship with Empty Building Security, LLC, which can secure any property, in any location, with their patented steel security system. Their system is efficient, cost effective and requires no capital outlay. Learn more about how we can help you.
Distressed Property Renovation :
Debt Restructure – Construction Management – Property Management